My producer friend Kevin Cornish invited me to Just Jared's roller disco throwback party to test out the world's first hd 360º camera by Giroptic. He had his hands on a prototype and where better than a roller disco to test it out.

I also recently picked up a new toy from a craigslist find. It's the new Canon Powershot G7x, an upgrade to the s110 I like to carry around on adventures. I'm loving it so far, it's got a 1-inch sensor and a 1.8 lens and the auto everything means I can hit record and not worry about it... judge me all you want. I wanted to test out the low light video and figured we'd kill two birds. It's a $700 camera I managed to get for $275 off a guy who won it in an office raffle and "only used the iPhone for photos". Win for me.



It's been over a decade since I last went to a roller disco. Back then everyone was into rollerblades and I never learnt how to use roller skates except for the Batman ones I had when I was four... and I don't think the wheels actually rolled that much. I wanted to get a bunch of great shots in amongst the skaters, but I only managed to have the skates on my feet for literally less than 60 seconds before I sat back down and took them off again. Some things are just not worth it, you know? Tyler Shields and Danika Yarosh were there and fortunately, unlike me, they are both great on eight wheels. Kevin and I handed off our new toys to them and let them go. Unfortunately, the 360º cam froze with the power remaining on... by the time we noticed and pulled the battery out to restart it, most of the battery had been used up.  We should have some footage to get an idea of how it looks, so not a total loss. My little pocket cam isn't bad in low light, it's much better in the day, but I'm still happy with it's performance. Check out the video below:

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