It's always great to work with friends on jobs both behind and in front of the camera. You're able to function at great speed and you feel secure going into a project knowing you'll be able to achieve a certain level, which allows you to push for something even better.

I was shooting an ASUS commercial that was supposed to be a behind the scenes for a movie set... we needed someone who looked like a movie star. It just so happens I had literally that. Literally. (See, that's how you correctly use that word.) My very talented friend, Evan Ferrante, does this great Tom Cruise impersonation and was able to jump in for the shoot... no pun intended. I also cast my director friend, Charles Haine, to play the role of the director. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So on the day, I needed them to banter and improvise so I had some B-roll to cut to. I made sure the sound was rolling and let them have some fun... The result was hilarious, I had to cut something together to share it with you. Definitely the highlight of the day, one of the funniest moments on set we've had and illustrates the importance of building a great crew to work with time and time again. Check it out for yourself.